Managing Divorce and Child Support Agreements

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Divorce proceedings are a complicated matter that, by nature, need to be treated with respect and a clear head. Often a clear head is hard to attain when both parties seeking a divorce are grieving, confused, and easily upset. These reasons highlight why it is so important to have a reliable and honest attorney to assist in mediation when a couple is divvying up the wealth and belongings that they’ve accumulated together. The website of the Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq. describes, “Successfully resolving disputes in a divorce requires a delicate balance between providing for the best interests of the family and all children and simultaneously protecting your interests as an individual.”

In all divorces, compromise is a necessary and practical allowance of each party. Splitting real estate, vehicles, expensive possessions, and work benefits are among common possessions that couples much reach an agreement on. However, child custody is always one of the most difficult topics on which parents must reach an agreement.

When deciding which parent gets primary custody of a child, lawyers will often help draw guidelines for child support owed by the parent granted secondary custody. This financial planning requires foresight that is sensitive to the child’s changing needs and each parents’ financial means.

As the website of the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield notes, as circumstances change in a family’s life, child support and child custody agreements are able to be modified. Since both the needs of the child, as well as the income of each parent, are likely to change, many child support agreements are able to be amended with respect to these fluid factors.

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Common Causes of Roadway Accidents

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Car accidents are an inevitable reality for most drivers. Sharing the road with other drivers can be stressful enough, without driving alongside 18-wheelers. The size of 18-wheelers can be overwhelming to standard sized cars traveling around them. Fortunately, most 18-wheelers are handled by responsible professionals experienced at driving under all climate and traffic conditions. For this reason, other drivers can usually expect to feel relatively safe as they travel the roads.

However, accidents are always possible and when standard sized cars get into an accident with 18-wheelers, the driver and passengers in the standard car typically experience exponentially more damage than the driver of the 18-wheeler. All drivers, including the operator, must be mindful of the 18-wheeler’s no-zones (4 considerable blind spots). Because they are operating a machine that could potentially inflict major damage, 18-wheeler drivers must be held to a high standard. The website of The Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C., cites the most common accident causing factors as truck defects, trucking company negligence, truck driver negligence, or no-zone truck accidents.

In addition to physical distress, the victims of an 18-wheeler crash can often experience emotional trauma. These physical and emotional stressors typically cost the victim time away from work as well as hospital expenses. Because of these inconveniences, it is often valuable for the victim of an 18-wheeler crash to seek legal help. A lawyer will assist the victim in researching the cause of the accident and advocate for the victim’s financial compensation.

Similar to victims of 18-wheeler accidents, victims of crashes between two standard sized vehicles, often seek legal help. The website of attorneys Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® mentions that driver error, reckless driving, speeding, drunk driving, mechanical malfunction, and even highway defects are some of the main factors that cause auto accidents.

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Mistrusting Authority: When Institutions Don’t Deliver Proper Care

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There are many ways for patients to take control of their health. Prudent dietary planning and regular fitness activity are two methods many people adhere to in order to maintain mental and physical equanimity. In spite of how well the body is taken care of, genetic or external factors can render a body in need of medical attention. Many patients feel disempowered when they entrust themselves to a doctor. This is not surprising as one of the main human fears is “the unknown.”

Most patients can surpass the fear of the unknown and have confidence that their chosen physician has valuable knowledge that can help them. Sadly, sometimes people entrust themselves to the care of physicians that do not practice medicine responsibly. Medical negligence can take many forms. Common forms of medical malpractice are misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, improper treatment, surgical errors, emergency room errors, pharmaceutical errors, and birth injuries. Lawyers can often help the victims of medical malpractice gain compensation from the doctor or hospital.

In addition to hospitals, many people entrust loved ones to nursing facilities when they can no longer support elderly family members full-time. Many nursing homes have sectors that allow for the healthier residents to live with some independence and privacy. Other more dependent residents might be recovering from surgery or suffering from long term illnesses. Since some residents are so dependent, they need attentive and compassionate caretakers that are sensitive to each specific case.

When dependent residents don’t get the care they need, the consequences can be grim. The most prevalent cases of nursing home negligence relate to accidentally switching prescriptions, under exercising, and malnutrition. Dehydration, starvation, and a lack of nutrients as strong indicators of malnutrition. Families are entitled to compensation if a loved one has suffered from negligence in a nursing home.

Additionally, property owners have a responsibility to keep their premises free from hazardous situations. An egregious failure to do so, such as allowing a leak to persist for days or not fixing a cracked or uneven floor can creates a dangerous situation that can lead to preventable injuries. A danger like a pot hole can injure a cyclist or motorcyclist who drives over it, or even damage a car. As pointed out on, such hazards are the property owner’s responsibility to repair. This area of law is called premises liability, and it can be complicated to figure out exactly who is at fault when these cases arise. Nevertheless, an attorney can help you determine the who hurt you and do most of the legwork in a premises liability lawsuit.

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Adverse Reactions to Medication and Surgical Errors

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Often medicines can be an ally to bodies seeking quick recovery. As the medical field advances symptoms of many health complications, like epilepsy, can be improved with pharmaceutical remedies.

Topamax is a medicine manufactured by Johnson and Johnson that can reduce occurrences of seizures and migraines in patients that suffer from epileptic episodes and frequent and severe headaches. Like any medication though, patients must be informed of the risks. Topamax can cause complications to forming fetuses if taken by a pregnant woman. According to the website of the Williams Kherkher Law Firm, Topamax has caused fetal damage ranging from cleft lip, cleft palate, and Hypospadias. Often all of these defects can be reversed, allowing the infant to make a full recovery. In many cases when these defects occur, families that were under-informed of the risks seek legal help in order to gain compensation from the prescriber.

In some cases patients have conditions that require more attention than a prescription for medication. In the most urgent of cases when a surgery is required, the risks correlate directly with the reward. When a surgery is successful, the expensive patient costs and medical efforts payoff. Likewise, when a surgical procedure goes awry, the damages and recovery can double the patient’s cost and sense of hopelessness. Surgical errors such as lack of oxygen, infection, bleeding, and wrong site surgery prove to be expensive for patients monetarily and emotionally. In more serious cases these complications can even span from stroke, paralysis, brain injury, to death. Like patients who are the victims of adverse pharmaceutical reactions, victims of surgical errors who seek financial compensation often rely on legal help as their advocates.

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Physically Demanding Labor and Long-Term Disability

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Eagle Ford Shale, a large natural gas and oil deposit in the South Texas region, is a valuable environmental and economic asset. The drilling of the Eagle Ford Shale field is of the most lucrative drilling projects in Texas having a $60 billion dollar impact and providing around 116,000 jobs for workers in 2012 alone. The discovery of Eagle Ford Shale is relatively new, (the first drill having been installed in 2008). Since the discovery of the deposit, the site has evolved into a competitive environment as numerous oil and gas companies are eager to take advantage of the areas resources.

Though the Eagle Ford Shale region creates positive financial opportunities for employers and workers alike, the competitive environment of Eagle Ford Shale has become the site of many tragic worker injuries. According to the website of the Chris Mayo Law Firm, the most common accidents at Eagle Ford Shale that lead to injury are pipeline explosions, oil tank explosions, transport truck accidents, chemical leaks, and contamination. These devastating accidents are typically always preventable when the proper precautions are taken.

Due to personal injury, many workers of the Eagle Ford Shale region are temporarily, if not permanently, ineligible to work. Since most of the work at the oil field is physically demanding even a minor injury can greatly complicate a worker’s ability to perform. Injury costs workers the potential money earned as well as hospital expenses. Fortunately, according to the law firm Scudder & Hedrick, PLLC, benefits like long-term disability can offer injured workers as much as 2/3 of their average wages, helping them make ends meet while they recover.

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