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Divorce proceedings are a complicated matter that, by nature, need to be treated with respect and a clear head. Often a clear head is hard to attain when both parties seeking a divorce are grieving, confused, and easily upset. These reasons highlight why it is so important to have a reliable and honest attorney to assist in mediation when a couple is divvying up the wealth and belongings that they’ve accumulated together. The website of the Law Office of Andrew A. Bestafka, Esq. describes, “Successfully resolving disputes in a divorce requires a delicate balance between providing for the best interests of the family and all children and simultaneously protecting your interests as an individual.”

In all divorces, compromise is a necessary and practical allowance of each party. Splitting real estate, vehicles, expensive possessions, and work benefits are among common possessions that couples much reach an agreement on. However, child custody is always one of the most difficult topics on which parents must reach an agreement.

When deciding which parent gets primary custody of a child, lawyers will often help draw guidelines for child support owed by the parent granted secondary custody. This financial planning requires foresight that is sensitive to the child’s changing needs and each parents’ financial means.

As the website of the Law Offices of Baden V. Mansfield notes, as circumstances change in a family’s life, child support and child custody agreements are able to be modified. Since both the needs of the child, as well as the income of each parent, are likely to change, many child support agreements are able to be amended with respect to these fluid factors.

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