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If you’re a parent who is expecting their first child, you might be wondering as to what could be the worst possible scenarios that could happen in child-birth and, more importantly, what are the chances that it could happen to you?

These are all very valid fears, of course. Even before written history began, the people of ancient times commended those who died in child-birth with the same reverence as soldiers who died in battle for they, too, recognized the difficulty that it could present. However, when you’ve worried about every possible outcome – from situations where the baby is born with two faces on one head, to circumstances where an emergency procedure gone wrong could cost you everything you hold dear – there comes the question as to what happens when the worst does happen.

Nobody ever wants the worst to happen to them. They are often reassured by the statistics that state that infant mortality rates are at their lowest ever and that, thanks to modern medicine, child-birth related deaths are at an all-time low. Though these are true, there is still the chance that something wrong can go wrong. And that’s when you don’t want to be left without the right kind of people to turn to – which is why it might be a good idea to look into a reputable birth injury lawyer pretty early on.

According to the website of the lawyers with Driscoll Firm, P.C., victims of debilitating accidents can sometimes agree on settlements set by insurance companies that are not enough to cover all the necessary expenses. It can be easy to want a quick-fix to a terrible situation but sometimes, instant gratification can have its own long-term consequences. If your child was injured at birth due to negligence, that injury could affect them for the rest of their lives – such is the case for people with cerebral palsy as it has no cure, for example – which would mean that a quick deal that only appeases the shallow aspects of the situation could mean more problems in the future.

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