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UGotPosted is a Revenge porn website where nude photos and/or videos of former girlfriends or boyfriends are posted (after breakup) as a means of “getting even.” Whatever is uploaded usually includes the victim’s name, city of residence (sometimes even home address, phone number and place of employment, if employed).

Revenge porn is linked to social networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook, so that once these sites are accessed, the surfer or user (who may be family members, friends or potential employers) would first be directed to the UGotPosted site, instead, where the first thing they will be exposed to is the victim’s nude pictures.

The states of New Jersey and, very recently, California are the only states, thus far, where the site is declared illegal as an internet sex crime. To date, millions of individuals have already been victimized by the 747,408 identified sex offenders in the whole of the United States and, to inform and help millions of others save themselves from the malicious and demoralizing acts of these offenders, the Department of Justice has created the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW), which may be accessed by anyone who wants to have the most recent information regarding the location and identity of identified sex offenders in the US. The NSOPW can be accessed by anyone in all 50 states, including Guam, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and many different Indian tribes.

Caution is also being asked of teens by the FBI since teens are the most common targets of online or Internet sex offenders. These sex offenders are usually adults who first try to earn the trust and confidence of their prospects before luring and seducing them to enter into a sexual relationship.

Since the introduction of wireless networks, commission of sex crimes has been more widespread and so much faster. Like the victims in revenge porn, millions will still be victimized if the posting of sexually explicit pictures and videos will not be illegalized.


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