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“Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale,” was a very touching movie about a dog and his owner. Watching it would just make you deeply want to have Hachiko, or any dog like it, to be your own pet.

Hachiko is of the Akita breed – beautiful, bold, strong, and trainable. Would you be willing to get this breed of dog for your child? If you ask dog experts, many of them may probably tell you to find another breed, though, one that is more child-friendly, so to say.

Dog experts have come up with a list of the most dangerous breeds of dogs and, sad to say, the Akita breed is in this list (it is the last, however, in a list of 10). Even the St. Bernard is found in this list, due to its size, making it a dangerous playmate for a child. There are other breeds, however, that are simply dangerous, known to have attacked and caused the death of many, especially young children, pregnant women and senior citizens.

The top two most dangerous breeds of dogs in the list are pit bull terriers and rottweilers. In fact, many courts in the U.S. have identified pit bulls as “lethal weapons,” and have authorized the police to shoot and kill these if these threaten to attack or to protect individuals from being attacked. Pit bulls and their mixes account for more than 250 fatal attacks between 2005 and 2012; majority of these attacks are on children and senior citizens.

Other breeds identified as dangerous are Wolf hybrids, the German Shepherd, Huskies, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows, and Great Danes. Chow Chows, though extremely cuddly and cute, can be dangerous towards strangers; these are also attention-seekers and need to be encouraged daily.

On the other hand, there are also those breeds which dog experts would gladly recommend. These dogs are known for their great patience and loyalty to their caretakers. The list for the child-friendly dogs include the Golden Retriever (the first in the list), Labrador Retriever, Poodle (the standard breed, not the small ones), Irish Setter, Vizsla, Beagle and the Bull Dog.

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