The secret behind saving and spending less time on thorough car washing

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Washing a car thoroughly is time-consuming. So think of how much time you could spend if all your cars in the garage need cleaning. Apart from eating deep into your day-schedules, car washing services could be expensive. Let’s just say you spend $50 weekly on car washing, summing it up at the end of the month amounts to $200, which is enough to repair minor parts in your car. Therefore, it becomes necessary to cut down the expenses and still make good use of your time for other things.

Some people still opt for an old-fashion way of washing a car, owing to the expenses one can incur from cash washing services. Sometimes, they may not take into account the time it takes them to wash their cars using sponge, towel, and water. Probably because they have taken out time to get it done. Insisting on doing it in an old-fashion way is nice idea economically, but not good in terms of time management.

However, if you could still spend less time in an old-fashion way, then it’s good for you but not the best. Dirt trapped in the sponge can make dirt streak on your car. At worst it may destroy your car paint, and at the end, you will spend much more than what it would cost you to use valet services.

Can you afford weekly valet services on all your cars? Do you prefer spending for car washing services to doing the washing yourself? Your decision is not bad or wrong if it’s yes. But have you thought of a way to wash your car personally and yet spend less time doing just that?

Meet the secret-guy behind making car washing faster than usual -“smart electric pressure washers”. These pressure washers are designed not only to make the work faster but leave your car glittering like you just bought it.

Buy one of them now and use it yourself. Take your time to read the manual, learn how to operate it and you’re good to go. You will be amazed at how rewarding it is when you start making use of it all the time. Just imagine you woke up in the morning, wash your car, drive to work and yet meet up with your whole day schedules. Isn’t it awesome?

Learn more about these awesome pressure washers and order one or two for your cars. It’s the best gift for your car.


Low Visibility can Cause Car Accidents

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Weather conditions are major causes of car accidents. When bad weather comes, the chances of road accidents become higher, and even when you are a defensive driver trying to avoid accidents, you may have little control of other drivers and the road conditions on which you are driving on. It may be difficult to win a personal injury claim if you’ve been involved in a car accident due to bad weather, but Williams Kherkher states on their website that you still get compensation from your insurance company.

There are many ways in which bad weather can cause a car accident. One of these things is due to poor visibility. Diminished visibility makes it difficult to see the roads clearly and notice other motorists who are with you in the road. Certain car signals may be hard to distinguish, and these could easily lead to accidents and collisions. Another cause for accidents is the decreased traction; motorist should drive safely and adjust their speed in order to avoid collisions and make instant decisions that could prevent an accident. Likewise, strong winds, especially when you are in an open space such as a freeway, can be very dangerous. Light vehicles can easily be moved by strong winds, and there has been many times where even commercial trucks have been blown away by strong winds while on the roads.

In order to avoid accidents while driving in poor weather conditions, make sure that your vehicles are properly equipped with well maintained. Make sure your windshield wipers are working when going out on rainy weather, and that brakes are properly functioning. Staying alert while on the road is a must, and keeping a safe speed and distance from other motorist is vital to keep from colliding in an event of an accident. Being a responsible driver, especially in bad weather, is the key in avoiding road accidents. Likewise, if the weather is especially bad, it may be better to stay home and avoid driving altogether.

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How Can I Prepare for a Birth Injury?

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If you’re a parent who is expecting their first child, you might be wondering as to what could be the worst possible scenarios that could happen in child-birth and, more importantly, what are the chances that it could happen to you?

These are all very valid fears, of course. Even before written history began, the people of ancient times commended those who died in child-birth with the same reverence as soldiers who died in battle for they, too, recognized the difficulty that it could present. However, when you’ve worried about every possible outcome – from situations where the baby is born with two faces on one head, to circumstances where an emergency procedure gone wrong could cost you everything you hold dear – there comes the question as to what happens when the worst does happen.

Nobody ever wants the worst to happen to them. They are often reassured by the statistics that state that infant mortality rates are at their lowest ever and that, thanks to modern medicine, child-birth related deaths are at an all-time low. Though these are true, there is still the chance that something wrong can go wrong. And that’s when you don’t want to be left without the right kind of people to turn to – which is why it might be a good idea to look into a reputable birth injury lawyer pretty early on.

According to the website of the lawyers with Driscoll Firm, P.C., victims of debilitating accidents can sometimes agree on settlements set by insurance companies that are not enough to cover all the necessary expenses. It can be easy to want a quick-fix to a terrible situation but sometimes, instant gratification can have its own long-term consequences. If your child was injured at birth due to negligence, that injury could affect them for the rest of their lives – such is the case for people with cerebral palsy as it has no cure, for example – which would mean that a quick deal that only appeases the shallow aspects of the situation could mean more problems in the future.

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Immigrant Investors and Visa Eligibility

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Eligibility for immigrant investors are not really strict in that what they are generally required to do is to invest a minimum of $1 million in either creating a new commercial US business or through restructure or expansion of an already existing business. The source of the money is not really an issue, as long as it was acquired through legal means. Despite the basic amount of investment, the USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) can increase or decrease the amount of investment depending on the location that the investor chooses to establish the business; a location where there is low unemployment and good economy can call for higher than $1 million investment while rural areas with high unemployment and not doing well economically may ask for lower investment.

According to the website of the AmLaw Group, aside from the requirements needed by the USCIS, a business will need to be prepped for compliance with the US tax system that they will be adhering to. It is important to note that the United States follows a worldwide tax system, which means that the income from a US person (citizen or resident) either from the country or all over the world will be taxed in accordance to US law.

Investors are required to be actively engaged in the matters of the company. It doesn’t have to be as head of the company, but a managerial position or a policy-forming duty. Any passive investments are not generally accepted in the EB-5 category, except on certain temporary investment programs.

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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process

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One of the most common ways to declare bankruptcy is through Chapter 13 or reorganization of debt. This method requires you to pay back some or all of your debt after creating an extensive debt repayment plan. It is often difficult to qualify for this kind of bankruptcy since it requires the debtor to repay the debt using their own income. In order to be eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, secured debt must not equal more than $1,149,525 and unsecured debt must not exceed $383,175.

Once a person is considered eligible, they are required to file Chapter 13 paperwork and receive credit counseling from an agency office that is approved by the United States Trustee’s organization. There are fees and charges associated with this process, however if an individual is unable to pay, the agency must provide the counseling service for free.

The main purpose to counseling is to create a repayment plan to restructure your debt. The detailed schedule will outline how, when, and how much you will pay towards each debt. Courts often have a suggested way of paying debts however there is no official plan. Priority debts must be paid in full according to your payment plan. These include child support, alimony, wages to employees, and specific tax obligations. In your plan, any remaining income must go towards secured and unsecured debts. In some cases, unsecured debts may be discharged partially or completely, however if funds are available to pay towards these, the courts will demand the debts be repaid.

According to the website of the attorneys at Gagnon, Peacock & Vereeke, P.C., speaking with a bankruptcy lawyer can help you fully understand the benefits of filing for bankruptcy using Chapter 13. If you or someone you know is considering bankruptcy, consult an attorney in your state to discuss your situation and legal options.

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Increased Risk Associated with Xarelto

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Anticoagulants, or blood thinners, are considered a dangerous group of drugs since they increase the likelihood of bleeding when an injury occurs. Popular blood thinner Xarelto is currently involved in a lawsuit that accuses the drug manufacturers, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer, of not warning against the excessive and possible fatal bleeding incidents that the Xarelto can cause. While all blood thinners are dangerous, there are preventive methods that may limit the risk of bleeding incidents associated with anticoagulants.

It is important to only take blood thinners when a physician prescribes the medication and strictly in the dosage given. It is a common occurrence that individuals fail to fill their prescription or decide to stop taking the prescribed drug without consulting a doctor prior. The act of stopping Xarelto before speaking with a physician places a patient at greater risk of stroke and cardiovascular problems.

Some doctors will prescribe Xarelto to be taken in tandem with other medications. Drugs that may increase the risk of bleeding when taken with Xarelto include aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, warfarin sodium, heparin, and other medicines that prevent blood clots.

Aspirin is commonly prescribed with Xarelto but can cause severe bleeding incidents such as fatal hemorrhaging. Warning signs of complications resulting from mixing the two medications include unusual bruising, dizziness, red or black stools, coughing or vomiting blood, or general weakness.

According to estimates, around 7 million people are prescribed Xarelto. The popularity of the drug, while helpful to millions in overcoming serious medical issues, also presents the danger of causing millions more to suffer unwarranted side effects. If you have taken Xarelto while prescribed other medications and experienced harmful side effects as a result, consult with an attorney in your area about your legal options.

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Visitation and Custody Interference Issues: Factors that Warrant a Change in Child Custody

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In a child custody case the most important question is, “Who will have custody of the child?” After naming the custodial parent, the other parent will necessarily be given visitation rights, of course, unless he is seen and proven unfit by the court.

Legal experts, like those at Arenson Law Group, PC, agree that it is very important that a child has a strong relationship with both of his/her parents. Thus, courts typically award custodial rights to that parent who would very likely be able to cultivate such relationship between the child and the other (non-custodial) parent. There are other relevant factors that courts consider when deciding on the matter of custody but, regardless of what these are, these should be in line with the most important factor which is the best interest of the child. The child indeed is the most important part in such cases.

There are times, however, when the chosen custodial parent (or sometimes the parent given visitation rights) is not able to live up to the court’s expectations, failing in his/her obligations to fully recognize and respect the other parent’s rights and personhood.

The specific details through which failures are committed are numerous and varied. Generally speaking, all these are considered as visitation and custody interference issues and all call for the same thing: a modification in the original decision pronounced by the court. These interference issues include:

  • Frustration of the non-custodial parent’s visitation rights: these are instances wherein a custodial parent, for whatever reasons, eventually resorts to means that will alienate the child/children from the other parent. The most common of these means is denial of visitation rights
  • Estrangement of the child’s affections from the non-custodial parent: a child’s relationship with his/ her non-custodial parent can be severed through false accusations and/or negative comments by the custodial parent against the other. Unknown to the custodial parent, however, is that this/her ill-talks about his/her former partner also negatively affect the child’s emotional and mental health
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS): this occurs when the custodial parent consciously and systematically brainwashes the children, resulting to the children eventually disfavoring the other parent. Since most Family courts consider as vital the existence of a strong relationship between a child and his/her parents, these courts also believe that the ill behavior displayed by the custodial parent warrants a change in custody
  • Change of Residence: despite the stipulation (in the divorce decree) of the need for the noncustodial parent to be informed of any plans by the custodial parent to move to another city or state, many custodial parents ignore this requirement and even relocate to a distant location secretly. This stipulation is inserted in the divorce decree to give the noncustodial parent the chance to argue against such plans. As this move can affect the child’s relationship with the other parent, many courts believe that it establishes a significant change in circumstances which justifies a change in custody

There are also other reasons why a change in custody may be warranted, such as:

  • Material and Substantial Changes: these include the custodial parent’s remarriage, inability of the custodial parent to provide the required care due to a medical condition, commission of a criminal act, and criminal conviction.
  • Child’s Preference: children aged 12 (or those who have reached the age of 12) are usually interviewed by the judge in his/her chamber or private office. A change in custody (as well as in visitation rights) may be made if the child asks for it, but on the condition that the court is convinced that such change will be in best interest of the child.
  • Relinquishment of Custody: in some instances, a change in the court’s original decision on custody may be made by the custodial parent if he/she voluntarily gives up care and custody of the child. The change, however, will only be ruled as temporary if the reason of the custodial parent is due to military deployment or duty.
  • Unfavorable Environment: if the environment where the custodial parent lives can endanger the child’s physical health or significantly harm the child’s emotional growth, then the other parent can request the court to alter its original decision.

It is important for (custodial and non-custodial) parents to file petitions with the court for a modification of its original decision regarding child custody and visitation issues as soon as his/her circumstances change or if he/she gathers information and proof that changes need to be made for the child’s best interest. These changes cannot simply be decided on and implemented by both parents, though, since the situation they are living has been ordered by the court; thus, any change to be made will need to be approved by the court, especially changes in custody and visitation rights.

Divorcing spouses should make sure that any request for modification of decision is made correctly and that this is supported by acceptable evidences, it is important that every legal move is done with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney.

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Major Causes of Office Injuries

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Many people assume that office settings are very safe places and, with the mandate of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to always ensure a safe and healthy working environment, offices are places where accidents and injuries never occur.

Records from the US Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics show otherwise, though, as it registered close to 3 million workplace injuries and illnesses, including those that have occurred in industrial and construction sites, just for the year 2012.

Office injuries do occur for, despite the law that requires employers to ensure a healthy and safe working place for all their employees, there is still a big number of individuals, both from the managerial and rank and file levels, who continue to act negligently or recklessly.

Office settings may be free of hazardous substances, sharp tools and heavy equipment which one would naturally find in construction and industrial sites (which make these workplaces far more dangerous), but these places are almost always never free from obstacles which, though, most are minor, can still cause serious injuries, such as sprains, electrocution, neck, head and/or back injuries and strains (it may be significant to add in this list of injuries the new type of physical harm that so many office employees are now suffering from: repetitive strain injuries, which is damage to the muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves due to the performance of the same action over and over again).

Repetitive strain injuries is most common among people working in assembly lines and those whose work is confined to using computer keyboards, such as computer encoders, online chatters, and so forth. There are many other causes of injuries that affect and hurt many other employees, including:

  • Trips, Slips, or Falls – this is the number one cause of office injuries in the nation and, though, it may appear to be but a minor type of accident, most of its effects are not (minor). Many incidences of trips, slips or falls have resulted to bone fractures or severe back injuries that disable a person. These accidents are, in turn, usually due to a desk drawer that’s been left open, loose electrical cords, bending while on a non-sturdy chair, reaching for a high item using a chair or a stack of boxes instead of a ladder, uneven carpeting, insufficient lighting, slipping on a wet floor, an item on the table (such as a lamp shade or a calculator) falling off and causing someone to trip, etc.
  • Overexertion and Strains – this is usually due to an incorrect way of lifting large and/or heavy objects
  • Electrical Wiring –messy heaps of computer wires or extension cords running across hallways are always sources of risk to everyone in the office; some employees, though, just never seem to care about the possible dangers these pose
  • Noise or Unwanted Sound – many of those who just love to chat would never accept that their voices or conversation with someone else is a cause of major distraction, annoyance or interference, especially to those engaged in mental activities, such as researching and writing. Noise can affect the quality of performance by increasing errors in activities wherein mental concentration is essential. Drowning unwanted noise through music from a headphone may result to unnoticed dangers, though, to the person bothered by the noise
  • Poor Indoor Ventilation, Air Quality, and Improper Lighting – ventilation, air and lighting are always major factors when making work conducive. Situating an employee in an office spot that is too cold or warm enough to make him/her perspire (while all the rest feel the opposite temperature) can result to an illness – this is nothing more than failure in placing air-conditioning systems in the right places)

Office injuries entitle an employee to file a claim with the state-implemented workers’ compensation. This benefit is specifically designed for workers who sustain job-related injuries, and is meant to cover lost wages and cost of medical treatment, among others. When availing of this benefit, it would definitely be in the best interest of the injured worker to be assisted and represented by a Minnesota workers’ compensation attorney, whose knowledge and experience in the field of Workers’ Compensation Law make him/her naturally more competent than many of his/her peers in the same profession.

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Which Breed of Dog is the Best for Your Child?

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“Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale,” was a very touching movie about a dog and his owner. Watching it would just make you deeply want to have Hachiko, or any dog like it, to be your own pet.

Hachiko is of the Akita breed – beautiful, bold, strong, and trainable. Would you be willing to get this breed of dog for your child? If you ask dog experts, many of them may probably tell you to find another breed, though, one that is more child-friendly, so to say.

Dog experts have come up with a list of the most dangerous breeds of dogs and, sad to say, the Akita breed is in this list (it is the last, however, in a list of 10). Even the St. Bernard is found in this list, due to its size, making it a dangerous playmate for a child. There are other breeds, however, that are simply dangerous, known to have attacked and caused the death of many, especially young children, pregnant women and senior citizens.

The top two most dangerous breeds of dogs in the list are pit bull terriers and rottweilers. In fact, many courts in the U.S. have identified pit bulls as “lethal weapons,” and have authorized the police to shoot and kill these if these threaten to attack or to protect individuals from being attacked. Pit bulls and their mixes account for more than 250 fatal attacks between 2005 and 2012; majority of these attacks are on children and senior citizens.

Other breeds identified as dangerous are Wolf hybrids, the German Shepherd, Huskies, Doberman Pinschers, Chow Chows, and Great Danes. Chow Chows, though extremely cuddly and cute, can be dangerous towards strangers; these are also attention-seekers and need to be encouraged daily.

On the other hand, there are also those breeds which dog experts would gladly recommend. These dogs are known for their great patience and loyalty to their caretakers. The list for the child-friendly dogs include the Golden Retriever (the first in the list), Labrador Retriever, Poodle (the standard breed, not the small ones), Irish Setter, Vizsla, Beagle and the Bull Dog.

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Cybernet Sex Crime: A Fast and Easy Way to Destroy Someone’s Life and Future

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UGotPosted is a Revenge porn website where nude photos and/or videos of former girlfriends or boyfriends are posted (after breakup) as a means of “getting even.” Whatever is uploaded usually includes the victim’s name, city of residence (sometimes even home address, phone number and place of employment, if employed).

Revenge porn is linked to social networks, like LinkedIn and Facebook, so that once these sites are accessed, the surfer or user (who may be family members, friends or potential employers) would first be directed to the UGotPosted site, instead, where the first thing they will be exposed to is the victim’s nude pictures.

The states of New Jersey and, very recently, California are the only states, thus far, where the site is declared illegal as an internet sex crime. To date, millions of individuals have already been victimized by the 747,408 identified sex offenders in the whole of the United States and, to inform and help millions of others save themselves from the malicious and demoralizing acts of these offenders, the Department of Justice has created the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW), which may be accessed by anyone who wants to have the most recent information regarding the location and identity of identified sex offenders in the US. The NSOPW can be accessed by anyone in all 50 states, including Guam, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and many different Indian tribes.

Caution is also being asked of teens by the FBI since teens are the most common targets of online or Internet sex offenders. These sex offenders are usually adults who first try to earn the trust and confidence of their prospects before luring and seducing them to enter into a sexual relationship.

Since the introduction of wireless networks, commission of sex crimes has been more widespread and so much faster. Like the victims in revenge porn, millions will still be victimized if the posting of sexually explicit pictures and videos will not be illegalized.

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