Low Visibility can Cause Car Accidents

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Weather conditions are major causes of car accidents. When bad weather comes, the chances of road accidents become higher, and even when you are a defensive driver trying to avoid accidents, you may have little control of other drivers and the road conditions on which you are driving on. It may be difficult to win a personal injury claim if you’ve been involved in a car accident due to bad weather, but Williams Kherkher states on their website that you still get compensation from your insurance company.

There are many ways in which bad weather can cause a car accident. One of these things is due to poor visibility. Diminished visibility makes it difficult to see the roads clearly and notice other motorists who are with you in the road. Certain car signals may be hard to distinguish, and these could easily lead to accidents and collisions. Another cause for accidents is the decreased traction; motorist should drive safely and adjust their speed in order to avoid collisions and make instant decisions that could prevent an accident. Likewise, strong winds, especially when you are in an open space such as a freeway, can be very dangerous. Light vehicles can easily be moved by strong winds, and there has been many times where even commercial trucks have been blown away by strong winds while on the roads.

In order to avoid accidents while driving in poor weather conditions, make sure that your vehicles are properly equipped with well maintained. Make sure your windshield wipers are working when going out on rainy weather, and that brakes are properly functioning. Staying alert while on the road is a must, and keeping a safe speed and distance from other motorist is vital to keep from colliding in an event of an accident. Being a responsible driver, especially in bad weather, is the key in avoiding road accidents. Likewise, if the weather is especially bad, it may be better to stay home and avoid driving altogether.

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Common Causes of Roadway Accidents

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Car accidents are an inevitable reality for most drivers. Sharing the road with other drivers can be stressful enough, without driving alongside 18-wheelers. The size of 18-wheelers can be overwhelming to standard sized cars traveling around them. Fortunately, most 18-wheelers are handled by responsible professionals experienced at driving under all climate and traffic conditions. For this reason, other drivers can usually expect to feel relatively safe as they travel the roads.

However, accidents are always possible and when standard sized cars get into an accident with 18-wheelers, the driver and passengers in the standard car typically experience exponentially more damage than the driver of the 18-wheeler. All drivers, including the operator, must be mindful of the 18-wheeler’s no-zones (4 considerable blind spots). Because they are operating a machine that could potentially inflict major damage, 18-wheeler drivers must be held to a high standard. The website of Ausband & Dumont
, cites the most common accident causing factors as truck defects, trucking company negligence, truck driver negligence, or no-zone truck accidents.

In addition to physical distress, the victims of an 18-wheeler crash can often experience emotional trauma. These physical and emotional stressors typically cost the victim time away from work as well as hospital expenses. Because of these inconveniences, it is often valuable for the victim of an 18-wheeler crash to seek legal help. A lawyer will assist the victim in researching the cause of the accident and advocate for the victim’s financial compensation.

Similar to victims of 18-wheeler accidents, victims of crashes between two standard sized vehicles, often seek legal help. The website of attorneys Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ® mentions that driver error, reckless driving, speeding, drunk driving, mechanical malfunction, and even highway defects are some of the main factors that cause auto accidents.

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